Avoid the Past

Generally speaking, one should never ask about past lovers on a first date. Avoid this topic. Start with a clean slate. Don’t become friends and comfort each other about past mistakes or relationships. The goal is to move forward, look ahead and what tomorrow looks like if we really are a match. Besides, you are only going to get one side of the situation, and odds are, it will not be reflective of the true dynamic of that past relationship. Every one involved has their own “reality” when discussing what went wrong in a relationship, and your date is probably going to put spin on the circumstances that make him/her look faultless and puts all the blame on the other person. On a first date, it’s preferred to concentrate on what this person can bring to a relationship with you.
Did she have a sparkle in her eye, was his body language is positive? Was there a balanced give-and-take with the questions? Does you date pay attention to your answers and genuinely seem to want to get to know you? Discussing the past causes us to remain in the past, and this is not the place to begin a new relationship. This is a fresh story – the story of the two of you.

So if the date goes well and conversation flows, we can look ahead. If the match fits, chances are you will be curious to see what other great adventures you can go on together. At World of Jewish Singles we can’t wait to hear how the dates went and help you grow the companionship.
A World of Jewish Singles process is safe. Sara Malamud will help you all the way. She makes personal hand-selected matches with people who share common interests, core values and life goals. If you are ready to start your adventure, give me a call at1 646 701 0043 or fill out Get Started form.

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