Seeking Barbie or Ken?

Are You Seeking a Barbie or Ken?

The most frustrating aspect to matchmaking is when clients give me a checklist of the characteristics they want in a mate as though I’m a shopkeeper and we’re picking someone from a shelf.

The goal is to find a loving, giving, nurturing partner who will stand by you in good times and bad, not pick out a Barbie or Ken doll. It makes the client seem so superficial, but I know that deep inside they are not that way. It’s just the nature of the method. I always encourage clients to at least speak to the potential match on the telephone to get a real feel for the personality of the person. Keep an open mind. There is no possible way that you can know someone by what is written on a piece of paper- you MUST have a conversation.

I also get frustrated when clients base their decision on a photograph. If the photo doesn’t fit the “perfect” look that the client has envisioned for their mate, then they refuse to pursue contact. Well, maybe that perfect vision isn’t going to come along, and even more so, maybe the perfect vision will come along but there will be no compatibility. Those are the most frustrating aspects of my work, but the most challenging is how much pain I, myself, feel for my clients when our search seems to be taking longer than I anticipated. I enjoy nothing better than making someone’s dream come true and I think I get almost as disappointed as they are when it doesn’t happen right away.

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