How to Show up for Your Next Date – Be Yourself

There is no lack of online articles and printed books that delve into all areas of dating and how you should be doing something differently. You’ll learn what you should and shouldn’t wear, discuss, eat, joke about, divulge, hide, etc.. You’re even instructed as to how many dates you should have with one person before becoming intimate. Does this mean you can’t be yourself?

I’m not here to tell you that some of this information isn’t valid, or even necessary. Much of it can be helpful depending on the situation, but the most important thing you can learn about dating is to show up as yourself.

Forget about trying to make the other person laugh, or not slurping your spaghetti, or whether your dress is too tight or not tight enough, the best impression you can give on a first date is an honest impression of who you really are. Why is this so important? Because you are looking for your soul mate, and your genuine soul mate is only going to be attracted to the real you.

One of the most attractive qualities you can find in a person (and one of the rarest) is sincerity. Show the date your real essence, and he/she will either never want to see you again — in which case they are not your soul mate — or they will be intrigued and pleased to find someone with whom they click so well (maybe this is your soul mate!). Most people agree that they prefer a sincere person to someone who is trying to be something they’re not, yet still, many people don’t feel comfortable enough to let their true self show.

Take my advice, of all the self-help mantras that you can benefit from, “Just Be Yourself” is the most powerful.