I often think that Hashem brought me to Jerusalem because he wanted to have an assistant at hand, at the headquarters. When people from across the world contact me for help, I believe that the profile of his/her soul mate is already in my database. I just have to uncover it. Let me tell you the story of Ruth and David.

Ruth called me one hot summer afternoon asking to see me; she had come to Israel to find her basherte. We scheduled a meeting, and she came with her uncle from Haifa. Ruth is from India. “Sara”, she said, “if you don’t help me find my spouse, I will end up single all my life or I will end up marrying a Hindi like my sister did.” Ruth was 42, a professional.

She was only going to be in Israel for 45 days and I had to find her husband in 44. I really felt as though the challenge was insurmountable, so to dissuade her, I said, “Go back to Haifa, think this all over, call me later, and tell me then if you are still sure you want me to work for you.” I was honestly hoping she would say, “No.”

She left the meeting, but ten minutes later she rang the bell and said, “I trust you. Let’s go for it”.

We had a long talk, she filled our the questionnaire, paid, and left. I started to work immediately. Suddenly, (it happens many times), without even looking in the data base, I had an image of David, one of my clients. There was only one problem, David was a smoker and Ruth was adamantly opposed to having a smoker as a spouse.

I nevertheless called David, presented him with Ruth’s details and he agreed to meet her.

I called Ruth right away and said, “Ruth, I have a great match for you!” Imagine, it was the same day she had been in my office! I described David and waited until the end to add, “There is a small problem; David smokes.” “NO,” she replied, “I don’t want a smoker Sara, I told you today!” I gently insisted that she at least meet with David, as there was nothing to be lost in a meeting, and I would continue to look for someone else. “Maybe he smokes because he is lonely!”, I exclaimed.

David stopped smoking.

They are now happily married.