Dating for Dummies – should you hire a dating coach?

A growing number of frustrated singles are getting guidance from a dating coach to help hone their skills in the often challenging world of dating. These services range in price and offer personal consultations , intensive dating boot camps, makeovers and sometimes field trips in which the coaches observe their clients’ communication with the opposite sex in social settings.

These coaches are often referred to as dating gurus or dating experts, or even love life managers. They promise “life changing” advice, point out the mistakes you’re making in your love life and tell you how you can turn them around instantly. They have methods to attract love and completely transform your love life putting your dating days behind you.

What most coaches have in common is that they act as cheerleaders and advisers, pointing out less than helpful behavior. The one thing most of their clients have in common is difficulty in meeting the right person.

You can take a million courses and pay a million dollars, but basic common sense can go a long way in dating. If you use a dating coach, you will probably feel better about yourself, which is always a good thing , but most likely that is all. So, in the meantime, stay positive and be open minded. And that advice is free!