Do you waste time browsing Jewish online dating services? Here are 3 great reasons why you should ditch online dating websites and try something new.

I’m 29 years old, a successful entrepreneur, athletically fit, attractive and looking for a partner who will enjoy traveling the world, eating at fancy restaurants and watching the sunset over the ocean.
OK, I’m really 34, my business is only mildly successful, and I’ve put on a few pounds from all the stress. But you don’t know that, since you’ve only met me online. And herein lies the problem with Jewish online dating- you just never know what you’re gonna get (hmm…Kinda reminds me of Forrest Gump!). It’s easy for people to embellish their online profiles, to upload outdated pictures and to say what they think potential suitors will want to hear. Frustrations with Jewish dating online are rampant- Jewish singles are tired of searching and searching, only to find out that their ‘prince charming’ is actually not charming at all. You probably don’t need any more reasons to ditch standard Jewish dating websites, but I’ll give you three more anyway- as well as some helpful suggestions that can make the Jewish dating process a pleasure rather than a pain in the you-know-where.


  1. Jewish Dating Websites are Big Time Wasters: While we all know some people who sit at home all night with nothing to do, most of us like to think that we have a bit more of a social life (or, at the very least, a professional life). Who has time to browse thousands of profiles in search of that needle in a haystack? With multiple pages to read for each interesting profile, Jewish online dating can take hours, if not weeks or years- and wouldn’t you rather be dating than searching for dates? Fortunately, a professional Jewish matchmaker has the time needed to pursue your perfect partner. The right Jewish matchmaker will weed out all of the thorns, so that all you’re left with is enjoyable, enriching dates.
  2. Writing That Profile is Hard Work! Nobody likes to complement themselves or explain why they’d make a suitable partner. When browsing Jewish dating websites, you’re likely to come across the guy who thinks he’s a comedian, the one who thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and possibly even the one who thinks he’s God. But is that the information that you really want to know? Wouldn’t you rather know who the person is from a reputable source, someone who has met him in person, or, at the very least, spoken to him at length? Jewish matchmakers are trained to analyze personalities and create a keen understanding of who their clients are, so that they can provide honest, accurate assessments of each potential match. Now doesn’t that sound more honest than any online profile you’ve ever read?
  3. Safety and Security: You may not want to admit it to out loud, but it’s something that you’ve probably thought about countless times before- how do you know that your Internet suitor isn’t a stalker or pervert? You don’t, but you’re guessing that he (or she) is probably somewhat decent, since you’ve been emailing him for a few weeks and he seems normal. In all honesty though, you don’t know if your potential suitor is an axe murder any more than you know whether I’m REALLY 29. Enlisting the help of a Jewish matchmaker is an easy way to know with certainty that your date will not be dangerous (and hopefully he won’t be horrible either). Those who turn to a Jewish matchmaker for help are those who are serious about finding a partner and those who are really looking for quality mates (believe me, I know!) So stop leaving your safety to chance, and do something proactive to ensure as safe and successful Jewish dating experience.

For the record, it should be noted that not all people who create online profiles are liars or criminals. There are definitely hundreds (if not thousands) of honest Jewish singles represented online. Some of them may even by my clients as well. But do you really want to take that chance, when you can avoid the hassles by going directly to a reputable source? I’ll leave that for you to decide …