Don’t ask No-Win Questions

Do you ask your man “no win” questions? No-win questions are questions typically lead to an argument because if the natural and truthful answer is probably not the answer that you are going to get – at least, not if you want your partner to be honest. If you feel you have to ask the question, then the real answer is probably not what you are going for. So why ask no-win questions? Usually they are asked because the questioner is seeking reassurance about something she is feeling insecure about. Some common no-win questions are:

  • Does you love me?
  • Does this relationship have a future?
  • Does you think I am attractive?
  • Do you think she is prettier than me?
  • Do I look fat?
  • What are you thinking about?

We all feel vulnerable in a new relationship because we don’t know where we stand. Asking one of these questions, however, is an unfair step. Worse still, asking such questions puts an unnecessary strain on a relationship that has just started. Its like urging a child to become a doctor when she enters kindergarten.

According to, “What makes these questions so difficult is that each one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument if the man answers incorrectly ( i.e. tells the truth). Therefore, as a public service, each question is analyzed below, along with possible responses.”

Question 1: What are you thinking about?

The proper answer to this, of course, is: “I’m sorry if I’ve been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you.”

This response obviously bears no resemblance to the true answer, which most likely is one of the following:

a. Baseball.
b. Football.
c. How fat you are.
d. How much prettier she is than you.
e. How I would spend the insurance money if you died.

Question 2: Do you love me?

The proper response is: “YES!” or, if you feel a more detailed answer is in order, “Yes, dear.”

Inappropriate responses include:

a. Oh Yeah, shit loads.
b. Would it make you feel better if I said yes?
c. That depends on what you mean by love.
d. Does it matter?
e. Who, me?

Question 3: Do I look fat?

The correct answer is an emphatic: “Of course not!”

Among the incorrect answers are:

a. Compared to what?
b. I wouldn’t call you fat, but you’re not exactly thin.
c. A little extra weight looks good on you.
d. I’ve seen fatter.
e. Could you repeat the question? I was just thinking about how I would spend the insurance money if you died.

Question 4: Do you think she’s prettier than me?

Once again, the proper response is an emphatic: “Of course not!”

Incorrect responses include:

a. Yes, but you have a better personality.
b. Not prettier, but definitely thinner.
c. Not as pretty as you when you were her age.
d. Define pretty..
e. Could you repeat the question? I was just thinking about how I would spend the insurance money if you died.”

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