Excuses, Excuses!

Some common interests are great, but don’t maintain your personalities be matchy-matchy. To be happy with your other half it is not a requirement that he/she loves all of the same things you do. Even a jazz-loving, vegan can find happiness with a hard rock ballad-crazy, romance novel-reading steak lover. Its all about values my friends. As long as you have shared values and your personalities click, go for it. At least get to know more about him/her.

Don’t lie! Saying that you own the whole building when you actually are the janitor, is a nu nu nu. . You’ll never find the perfect person for you if you’re pretending to be someone else. Saying that you don’t smoke and going out smelling like an old ashtray is another nu nu nu. Just as you should be honest, expect the same from your date. If they are evasive or seem to be holding back on questions you have, don’t be afraid to push a little for more satisfying answers.”

No good telephone? I have sent you his/her photo and profile, you get in touch, you whip out a few intriguing emails, and when you’re full of beans with anticipation, you schedule that first magical phone call. And it’s, um, odd. Suddenly, you don’t have as much to talk about. Where have all the sparks gone? One telephone conversation and you’ve hit the skids? Never fear, and go ahead and make that date anyway. ‘’Most men don’t usually like to chit-chat as much as women do… so don’t read too much into a bad phone call.” I have many stories of clients who got married after I insisted they meet, even though the telephone was not that good!

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