So, you’ve found yourself in a situation where you don’t like who your friend is dating. What should you do? should you speak up and share your opinion? Should you stay silent and see where the relationship leads? The most important thing to consider in this situation is the quality of your friends. Friends, especially close and old friends, usually mean well and care about you, but how well do they weed-out the bad apple? Can you trust them to make the right judgment, and should you when it comes to dating?

Many women see their beaus in a forgiving light and overlook their faults, even while their friends’ intuitive senses scream. Over time we have all disliked a friend’s choice in a significant other, but when is it helpful to say something? It’s tricky because people can be offended if you don’t like the person they’re with and it can cost you the friendship. You also put your friend in a position where they can no longer talk to you about their relationship.

I believe old adage of “biting your tongue” may apply, unless you think your friend is in danger. Set your first impression aside and try to have an open and positive mind about this person’s role in your friend’s life. Give him/her another chance. You can also spend some time one-on-one with this person. It will give you a chance to talk openly and maybe ask some questions in a non-confrontational way. Whatever you do, do not try to break them up. You never really know what goes on between two people in a relationship.

It’s possible that you just find this person annoying, but annoying is not grounds for a break-up. We all like different things and what’s annoying to you could be cute to someone else. If you can’t get past the annoyances and see some good qualities you should schedule time alone with your friend where you can enjoy each other’s company.