I have been single too long…

Have you been single too long? If you are looking for love but can’t seem to find it, you may want to take a moment and connect with yourself.
Are you taking care of yourself? Are you loving yourself? How do you feel about yourself? Do you know what you want?
It may seem wild, but it’s true – the way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you. Not only do you subconsciously show others how you expect to be treated by the way you treat yourself, but you are also a magnet for the kind of person who will mirror that.

For example, if you are always putting the person you are dating first, putting their needs before yours, why wouldn’t they do the same? They will think – judging subconsciously using your actions and cues – that they are more important than you are. Therefore, they will put their needs before yours, as well.

If you feel like you continue to be 2nd – or 3rd or 4th – priority in every relationship, you may need to take a hard and revealing look at the way you treat yourself. Try putting your needs first. Try keeping your word to yourself before selling out to make sure someone else is happy. It doesn’t mean you have to turn into a cruel, self-centered person – you can still be kind and bighearted – but you owe it to yourself to respect and love yourself enough to put “out there” how important you are.
Do you want someone else to value you above all else? Then set a good example.

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