Should we do everything together?

Do Perfect Couples do Everything Together?

We’ve all met one of those couples who look so happy in their relationship. They smile and laugh together, flirt with each other and do almost everything together. She goes shopping and he carries her bags with a smile. He watches sports and she cheers for his team. Ask them their secret and they will say it’s because they are best friends and do everything together.

Do you sometimes envy them? Do you wonder why you and your partner aren’t joined at the hip?

Truth be told, most couples don’t do everything together, and those who do are the exception, not the norm. A committed monogamous relationship doesn’t mean you have to give up who you are, your career, friends or all interests you had before the relationship, even when you consider your partner to be your best friend. A best friend is more than an activity partner, a best friend is the one you turn to when struggling with a challenge, the one you bare your soul to and with whom you feel comfortable showing your weaknesses. It’s the one person who simply “gets” you.

An activity partner is something else. Sure, it could be your best friend, but the person you go shopping with might not actually be the person you feel closest to.

In other words, sometimes a woman just likes to go shopping with her friends and a guy likes to watch a sports game with his buddies.

A successful partnership requires the willingness of each partner to make some sacrifices in an effort to accommodate the other person. In a healthy relationship you need communication, caring and compromise, but that doesn’t mean you have to like all the same things.

Marriage provides us with a broader understanding of the world; we include more people in our lives and develop a more mature perspective of how relationships work. If we married our clone, there would be little room for growth, so concentrate on the things that brought you together, rather than the superficial differences.

As for those superficial differences – that’s what friends are for.

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