One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that everyone is on their own timetable, and just because one person isn’t as intense as the other, it doesn’t mean that their intentions are not the same. I actually think it can be a good sign if a man doesn’t get too immersed too soon because “instant coupledom” can often be a sign of neediness as opposed to genuine interest in you, but this logical thinking doesn’t stop one from asking that age-old question, “is he into me”?

If the two of you had a great time, and you are still communicating and planning to meet, then I say, just relax. Let things take their course, and even if they move a bit slower than you prefer – let them move in their own natural flow. Let him make the next move – let him contact you next. He knows you’re there, and he knows you want to be in touch.

It could be that work is overwhelming him right now. If he just got back from a holiday, then he probably has lots to catch up on and the demands may be distracting and tiring to him. That’s okay. There are moments in every relationship where things are intense, and moments when the demands of daily life take up more time than others. Just go with the flow. Give it a few more weeks and if you don’t see a more determined desire to communicate and meet, then you might have reason to move on.

Make sense? 🙂