Is he the one?

Single in a new relationship? Wondering if he is the one? Ask yourself a few questions…

1) Does he pressure you to become intimate before you are ready? Someone who wants to enjoy your body before your heart is willing, clearly doesn’t have your needs in mind, and if he can’t see past his own desires when it comes to sex, he certainly won’t be able to when it comes to committing or starting a family.

2) Do you find yourself attracted to him even if he has food in his teeth or helmet hair, or does your attraction wax and wane depending on how well he grooms himself for you? Genuine affection is not dependent upon a perfect facade.

3) Is he controlling? If he frequently tells you what to do, wants to “run” your life, or manipulates your emotions to get what he wants, watch out! This guy is insecure and feels that he has the upper hand in your relationship. “The one” will be secure with you and let you be who you are.

4) Are you included? If he refuses to include you in his social plans and avoids telling you what he and the guys did last night, he obviously isn’t willing to include you in his life and might even be up to something shady.

5) Do you discuss a future together? Do you picture the two of you cozying up on distant birthdays or holidays? Do you fantasize about the apartment, house, pets, or even children you may one day have together?

If the two of you aren’t in the stages of a relationship where you openly discuss future possibilities, pay attention to whether or not he drops any hints. Even something small, like wondering what the two of you will do for an event that’s at least a month or two away, is a good sign that he imagines you in his future, and plans it with you involved.

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