The biggest complaint I hear from Jewish online daters is the use of outdated photos in a profile. Men particularly find this habit frustrating and deceptive. Why do many women choose an older photo for their dating profile? Why use an old photo when the truth is soon to be exposed in a face-to-face meeting. Simply, as bait on the hook. Many online dating aficionados believe that a more youthful photo will hook a date, and once they meet, their charming personality and intelligence will reel ‘em in. This couldn’t be further from reality, and a good Jewish matchmaker will be the first to encourage you to use new photos.

If you belong to a Jewish online dating or matchmaker service, and someone decides not to contact you because they don’t find your recent photo attractive, believe me, they will not find you any more attractive when they meet you. And if you hook them with an old photo and the truth is revealed on your first date, they will question your honesty as a partner.

Jewish men are not “all about looks” when surfing profiles. They also seek sincerity, confidence, and especially, women who are comfortable with their appearance. Choose a photo that was taken within the past six months, shows you in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and doesn’t conceal your face (no sunglasses, no hats, and no distance shots). This is priceless Jewish online dating advice.

Jewish online dating and matchmaking services can be a very effective method of meeting a great partner. Don’t compromise your chances by using outdated photos that make you appear dishonest and insecure. Flaunt what you got and be proud of who you are- the right partner will love you for it!