My Jewish Valentine

Tu B’Av is the Jewish Valentine’s Day …
Will your new love now come your way …
Just in time to celebrate …
and be here to stay?

The “normal” routes have all been well travelled …
Everyone you know KNOWS that you’re still baffled
Those mixers are just … a mix up galore
Where can you turn … you do implore?

So what about that quest for passion?
Is it all it’s cracked up to be … and still in fashion?
Is it in store for you … or even for me?
Let’s get real here …
We’re not living on the silver screen, you see!

Old relationships didn’t go the distance? or is it just time for a new start?
Boyfriend, girlfriend , husband or wife – Face it: You’ve broken apart
Now don’t lose time…trying strategies hit or miss …
Pucker up NOW for that ultimate kiss …

Not just infatuation or passions in flight …
For this you don’t need a matchmaker… just give up without a fight.
Go to the professional — you would if you were ill,
See a specialist … It is a tender loving “Pill”

Sara has your best interests at heart,
Tirelessly working for you … doing more than her part.
Finding your “bashert” with precision and skill,
Invest your trust in her; she more than fits the bill!

Tu B’av may come and even may go,
Finding your beloved has been elusive, we know Now
Take the step to claim your “prize”
No computer print out can personalize!

We wish you nachas , fulfilment and wonderful delight,
Good times and laughter and emotions of great height,
Fervor and zeal and all the strength to enjoy,
Tu B’av Samach! … may Sara Malamud help bring you Great JOY!