Men are Intimidated by Me!

As a Jewish matchmaker I often hear from successful women: “Men are intimidated by me”.
I explain that it’s just not true. I speak with men every single day.
Men are not intimidated by your success, They love that you are successful. They admire your ambition and accomplishments. What they don’t like is the masculine energy. What men want most when describing the kind of woman they would like me to introduce to them, is a feminine, nurturing, kind, easy-going woman.
“What is the number one thing that will make a man want to see you again?”
The answer:
“It’s the way you make him feel.” Men are simple and straightforward. What they want most of all is to feel like MEN.

A recent article on YourTango describes this phenomenon well:

“Millions of women in today’s world have ramped up their masculine sides. It’s been necessary to embrace the male traits in order to be successful in business, run households and accomplish endless day-to-day tasks. Unfortunately, there is a price to be paid for this yin-yang imbalance. When you lose touch with your yin (femininity), and amplify your yang (masculinity), you create an unseen armor against men and love.

You see, inside of each of us are the traits and characteristics of both masculine and feminine energy. The masculine side is driven, competitive, protective and solution-oriented. The feminine side is collaborative, multi-tasking, intuitive, receptive, magnetic and flowing. Balancing the two is a beautiful dance. When in harmony, your masculine and feminine aspects are complementary, not opposing, and interact to achieve great success in all aspects of life, including love.

However, it’s often true that successful, independent women over-utilize their masculine energy. While your masculine energy can propel your career, it can also wreak havoc in your relationships by blocking love.”

To read the full article and discover the 5 ways you may be turning your man off with your masculine energy, click here.


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