Reality Dating Show To Find Your Soulmate?

Reality dating shows are the most profitable type of television programming around at the moment, so it’s no surprise there are dating reality shows too. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, For Love or Money, Star Dates, Age of Love, Blind Date, Elimidate and Ex-treme Dating, to name just a few.

These dating reality TV shows all have an angle and revolve around extreme premises that sometimes feel like you’re watching a bizarre sociological experiment gone awry. It’s all about ratings and entertainment, so it’s no surprise that scandals emerge from this type of programming. Dating shows involve intimate feelings, but don’t seem to take any responsibility for the emotional well-being of their contestants.

You could be successful as a candidate on a reality show, but it’s highly unlikely. What’s predictable is that you will have negative exposure and you will be humiliated. It’s always helpful to ask friends and family to set you up, but never underestimate the value of the old-fashioned practice of matchmaking. A matchmaker will pre-screen potential matches, focusing on long-term compatibility rather than short-term chemistry giving you a greater chance of meeting your soulmate. She’s like a friend or family member with an unlimited source of friends to introduce you to!

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