Show up as yourself!

What does it mean to “show up as yourself”? Ladies, seize the day! When you feel that you may have good chemistry with a guy, for goodness sakes, ASK HIM OUT! Keep in mind, only two percent of people in the US are Jewish, only 1% is the opposite sex, and to find that person in your generation–wow the odds are tough. So, see a sexy Jewish dude–don’t be shy–ask em’ out.

Be honest! Come on, say it if you want to go home and say it if you are having a good time! One thing that I have learned is that it does both people a lot more good if they are out-right honest with each other — within reason. If you’re not having a good time on a date, say so. Be nice about it of course, but say something. You never know, that could be the icebreaker needed to get you to actually talk to each other.

Having a shower and being well groomed is not “passé” … I know it may sound petty, but I find it quite insulting when my date – (first time or otherwise) – does not show me the courtesy of arriving to our meeting clean and well groomed. Could you imagine, a guy I met (only once, of course) showed up to our evening dinner date holding his briefcase in one hand, and a doggie-bag with leftover lunch goodies in the other?

Easy dating tips to remember….

Do….. be yourself on the date. Act as crazy as you normally are. Remember that your date wants to have fun, just like you do. Plan a fun date. Be yourself and you are guaranteed to attract a partner who is compatible. Be yourself and you’ll quickly spot the ones who aren’t.

Don’t …… try to be something/someone you are not. Doing so insures that you WON’T attract the best partner for you.