I’d always known that women who are too needy seem clingy and weak to men, and have written a few times on how not to appear needy in a relationship. However, I never pictured the extent to which men were petrified and turned off by needy women. What exactly happens with a man when he begins to see his woman as being too needy and clingy?

Let’s just say that, after having reading tons of articles, I now understand that getting into a relationship with a needy woman can be a man’s worst nightmare.
Does it seem like I’m exaggerating? Do you feel like there might be worse nightmares than that? So did I, but not most men, apparently. After delving into a few articles on the subject I’ve become convinced that needy, clingy women are actually frighten men away. One article reads, “knowing your woman’s attachment style can… it can help you determine whether or not she’s worth dating.”

Worth dating? Apparently, this is what men assess when they first start dating a woman – her “attachment style.”
When a woman first starts dating a man, she analyzes him very simply: Is he good-looking? Does he dress well? Is he employed? What are his hobbies? Will he call again?
Men, apparently, evaluate women on a much deeper level: What are her psychological issues? What is her relationship with her parents? What are her past relationship experiences? How needy is she?

And there you were, worrying about your shoes!

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