What Does it Mean When He Doesn’t Call?

While, the inner workings of the male psyche may be a mystery to women, situations such as these are often self explanatory. It doesn’t take a guy or even your girlfriends to tell you that when he doesn’t call, it means he isn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with you. The odds are if you have to ask, he probably just “isn’t that into you”, to quote author Greg Behrendt.

  1. He Hasn’t Called: If you gave him your telephone number, your email address, your pager number and you have not heard from him, he clearly does not wish to speak with you and embark on a relationship. No matter how often you pick up the telephone to check the dial tone, as long as the phone bill has been paid everything is in working order. If spam continues to clutter your inbox, but no love note from your would be sweetie, your email is fine, he just hasn’t hit the send button.
  2. You Always Call Him: This tip is an addendum to the aforementioned tip. If whenever you call he says that he is busy and, he didn’t have time to call you read the writing on the wall, he’s either just not up for a relationship at all or he doesn’t think you are the one. There are 24 hours in a day, and if a man is interested he will make time to call you, whether it’s at work, before, in the car before work, or in bed before he goes to sleep at night. Trust and believe that if he is really into you, there is nothing sweeter than the sound of your voice at any time of the day. If you have called and left a message or two, or ten, and he has not returned your call, assume that he doesn’t know what a catch you are and simply move on and look forward to the right person who is waiting for a relationship with you.
  3. He Hasn’t Mentioned Commitment: Unfortunately, many women make the mistake of becoming intimate with a man in hopes of turning a physical relationship into a more permanent and serious endeavor. If the word commitment has not been mentioned, take it as an indication that it has not been discussed for a reason. The best thing to do would be to take some time, and learn from the experience. Read a book, hang out with friends, go to the gym. In short, anything but call him. That time wasted on him, is time that you will never get back. It is also time that you could have been meeting the real man of your dreams.

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