Are you Left Wondering, “Why Didn’t He Call?”

Women all over the world are asking this very question, “why didn’t he call”?. They hypothesize, they dwell, they rationalize and they discuss it with their friends. “It’s not you, it’s him,” is often the answer. Countless books are available on this subject in the self help section of any major book store. Over 1,000 guys on dating reveal what they really thought about you after your date. Mars and Venus on a Date, He’s Just Not That Into You, What Men Want…The list is dizzying and there are constant new titles on the market.

I have received endless phone calls and emails from clients asking me, “Why didn’t he call again after our date? He has disappeared! Sara, can you find out why?”

There could be any number of reasons why he didn’t call but the point is that he didn’t. His reason for not calling doesn’t have to be about you and it’s often about him. It’s infuriating, terrible and disappointing especially in the early stages, but how emotionally invested were you in someone you hardly know? Don’t waste your time speculating. Many women make excuses, like he’s lost his phone, he’s lost my number, or maybe he had to go away quickly, but the reality is he would have called you if he wanted to, you have to face the fact he’s just not that into you. He’s the only one who really knows! He disappeared because he wasn’t the ONE. MOVE FORWARD.

Last week a client who had asked this very question some time ago called to share some great news. She announced that she is marrying the last guy I introduced her to! I now have her answer! THIS man was waiting for you!