Why hiring a Jewish matchmaker makes sense for you!


Most busy, professional Jewish singles don’t have the time or resources to meet other successful, single people outside of their own office, industry or social circle.

A personal Jewish matchmaker can screen and pre-qualify the right matches for you similar to the way an executive recruiter screens candidates for a specific job. It’s all about TARGET MARKETING.

A career matchmaker caters to commitment-minded single men and women. Whether the goal is marriage or an exclusive relationship, A World of Jewish Singles takes you beyond simply meeting new people. Its sole purpose is to introduce you to a sufficient number of pre-screened singles who are more likely to be suitable matches.

A professional Jewish matchmaker represents many intangible aspects of a person’s identity. Beyond what a simple photo and vital statistics could ever convey. Nobody likes the arrogance of someone tooting his or her own horn. Instead of bragging about yourself and all that you have to offer, let the experts do it for you in a much more objective and credible way.

You’d be surprised how many like-minded single Jewish women and men have already joined A World of Jewish Singles. You’re probably not that different from every other busy professional who would like to meet someone special but has run out of options. You may not be a “joiner”, but being a loner isn’t any fun either! Why not go where numbers are in your favor, rather than wait for fate to intervene?

Sara Malamud, the director of A World of Jewish Singles, is an expert in her field as a Jewish matchmaker and has a huge success rate. Just as not all doctors, lawyers or other service professionals are considered equal, neither are Jewish matchmakers. Once you experience the professionalism and sincerity of A World of Jewish Singles, you’ll see why this online matchmaker service is different than the rest.

Our members aren’t desperate — they are ‘go getters’ just like yourself, who are taking charge of their future. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that nobody uses online matchmaker services! unlike the old days, when there was stigma attached to these kinds of online services. Times changed and moved on.The people who come to A World of Jewish Singles are professionals with a lot to offer and little time to waste on bad dates. They are selective about who they want to meet and want to make good use of their time. They place their future in Sara’s capable hands so that she can find them what they are looking for more effectively, saving them endless years of unsuccessful searching and blind dates.


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